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Title Organization Year
The Good News From Pakistan Reform Research Trust 2013 View
Public Financing of Education in Pakistan: Analysis of Federal and Provincial Budgets 2011-2012 I-SAPS 2012 View
The Power of Girl’s Schooling for Young Women’s Empowerment and Reproductive Health Population Council 2012 View
Youth and skills: Putting education to work UNESCO 2012 View
Determinants of School Effectiveness: A study at Punjab level Center for Promoting Ideas USA 2012 View
Learning in Public Schools International Growth Centre 2012 View
The Gender Differences in School Enrolment and Returns to Education in Pakistan PIDE 2012 View
Social Entrepreneurship in Pakistan: Unlocking Innovation Through Enterprise Incubation Economic Policy Group 2012 View
A Benefit Incidence Analysis of Public Spending on Education in Pakistan Using PSLM Data The Lahore Journal of Economics 2012 View
Annual Status of Education Report 2012 Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi 2012 View
Education Policy Analysis Report of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa UNESCO 2012 View
Educational Voucher Scheme in Lahore: Serving the Underserved NCSPE Columbia University 2012 View
Causes of Primary School Dropout among Rural Girls in Pakistan Sustainable Policy Development Policy Institute 2011 View
Provincial Early Childhood Education (ECE) Plan 2011-2015 UNESCO 2011 View
Crossing Boundaries Gender, Caste and Schooling in Rural Pakistan The World Bank 2011 View
Education Data and Budget Analysis: Case Study of District Lahore Institution of Social and Policy Sciences 2011 View
Pakistan Economic Survey on Education Pakistan Economic Survey 2011 View
Federal and Provincial Roles and Responsibilities in Education I-SAPS 2011 View
Evaluating Public Per-Student Subsidies to Low-Cost Private Schools Regression-Discontinuity Evidence from Pakistan The World Bank 2011 View
Implementation of Decentralization in Education in Pakistan: Framework, Status and the Way forward University of Education, Pakistan 2011 View
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