Public Financing of Education in Pakistan: Analysis of Federal and Provincial Budgets 2011-2012


An analysis of the educational budget set at federal and provincial level within Pakistan to depict trends in educational budgeting and utilization rate.

The study aims to analyze the public spending on education within Pakistan in an attempt to highlight the areas of inefficiency within budgeting and allocation system. Trend analysis has been conducted for a period of five years for data that has been generated from budget books of provincial and federal governments in order to present the educational budgets set for the different provinces of Pakistan and to draw conclusions regarding over or under allocation of resources at an aggregate level. 

Findings include:

  • The last five years have experienced a rise in the budget allocated for federal and provincial education.
  • All provinces expect for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPk) continue to under spend their education budget whereas KPk continues to over spend its budget due to cost project over runs.
  • A standard educational budgeting system has not been adopted on a country wide basis whereby basic level expenditures are identical and sub sector budgets are left at discretion of the relevant authorities providing scope for ambiguity. 
  • It is therefore recommended that government systems are strengthened and effort is expended into increasing efficiency with which resources are distributed among educational sub sectors.

The increase in educational budget fails to have the desired impact on quality of education which can be attributed to inherent flaws with the budgeting system set at federal and provincial tiers.

Publishing Year: 2012

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