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Provincial Assessment Report 2005


Presenting the findings of achievement test conducted by NEAs/PEAs and highlighting the factors that contributes towards a difference in student achievement rate across Punjab.

The purpose of the report is to present the findings of national/provincial assessment (PEAs/NEAs) conducted at Grade 4 and Grade 8 in regards to the subject of Mathematics, English Language, Science and Social Studies. The assessment has been undertaken in order to understand the inequality that arises as a result of geography and gender disparity and an evaluation of the monitoring standards adopted within the education sector is also performed. The report highlights the factors that impact student’s performance while placing emphasis on the need for teachers to use data to enhance student’s achievement. Achievement tests undertaken in 35 districts of Punjab reveal that Mathematics score of students is well below the international average score and several variables are attributable to lower scores such as ineffective teaching practices, lack of participation in class and students background. Students that reported higher class participation and received homework on a regular basis were able to attain higher marks.

Similarly, students that received assistance in homework from fathers and brothers as opposed to mothers and sisters attained higher scores in Mathematics and Urdu. Teaching resources and teachers qualification failed to have an impact on student’s performance whereas teachers teaching more than one class in a period reported lower achievement results as opposed to teachers who taught a single class. The paper concludes that although the study has resulted in important trends to be identified, lack of human and financial resources continue to pose a barrier to effectiveness of this study and the ability of PEAs to carry out further analysis.

Publishing Year: 2005

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