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Provincial Report on Assessment of Students Learning 2006


Analyzing the results of NAT 2006 of grade IV students in Punjab and identifying the key factors that impact the student’s achievement results across various districts.

The report aims to present findings of the National Achievement Testing (NAT) 2006 at grade IV conducted in Punjab in the subjects of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Language. Apart from achievement tests, questionnaires were targeted at teachers, students and head teachers in order to identify various factors that impact student’s achievement. The achievement test results reveal that students of Punjab have below average proficiency in all subjects as the scaled score is below 500 whereby the reported scaled scores in 2006 are similar to those reported in 2005. Furthermore, scaled mean scores of grade IV students in the subject of mathematics are lower in 2006 as opposed to 2005. The investigation highlighted several areas of weakness within students including lack of problem solving skills and procedural knowledge, inherent weakness within scientific investigation and practical reasoning and inability to apply skills in various theoretical subjects. Although reading skills of the students were found to be satisfactory, writing skills in terms of narrative and persuasive writing were found to be largely unsatisfactory.

Students in urban areas reported higher learning achievement as opposed to students of rural areas whereas female students also reported a higher learning achievement as opposed to males. Student’s home background, teacher practices and learning progress significantly impacted student’s achievement rate. Saraiki speaking students showed higher proficiency within the subjects of Mathematics, Science and Social Studies as opposed to other language students.  Students that were taught through blackboard were allowed to participate in class and received little or no punishment also reported higher average scores. 

Publishing Year: 2006

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