Private Sector Education in Pakistan: Mapping and Musing


An analysis of the impact of growing private sector education on the economy of Pakistan

The study aims to analyze the growth of private sector of education with Pakistan over a period of 1999-2000 and 2007-08 while also highlighting emerging issues and challenges faced at a national and regional level. Desk based research is carried out by compiling information from already published statistics and reports to understand the extent of growth and the diversity present within the sector.   

Analysis reveals that challenges in the area of financing of education, quality of learning and teaching are currently faced within the educational sector of Pakistan. It is highlighted that lack of information regarding various aspects of private education creates gaps in knowledge and therefore a knowledge base should be created that helps in policy making process.

Findings include:

  • Private sector within Pakistan has grown at a staggering rate with 3:7 ratio of private to public schools and a 52% annual rate of return.
  • Enrollment rates in private school have increased drastically while those in government schools have fallen as a result.
  • Public-private partnership is an accepted practice in Pakistan although no harmonious framework exists in regards to quality assurance.
  • Private sector education continues to be unregulated despite prevailing laws and regulation due to weak implementation and inherent flaws in policy making.

Private sector accelerated growth has severe consequences for educational system of Pakistan in terms of quality of education and enrollment rate within public sector education which necessitates the need for government to generate systematic data and establish best practices within educational sector.

Publishing Year: 2010

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