Situation Analysis of The Education Sector


The aim of this report was to provide an in-depth situation analysis of the education sector and actors in Pakistan. The situation of the education sector remains bleak despite strong economic growth over past decade. Adult literacy rate is only 57%; 7 million children remain out of school; enrolment rates are low with high dropout rates and only 2% of GDP is allocated for education, out of which 90% is spent on recurring costs with only 10% dedicated to development.

Key issues are: poor quality; inadequate finances; administrative problems after the devolution of ministry of education (provinces are not equipped for this responsibility and will need considerable time and training for capacity building); lack of coordination between international actors and public-private sector; inadequate emergency responses and lack of community participation and supervision and monitoring units.

Pakistan has made, in an effort to overcome the problems listed, a number of constitutional and policy changes as well as commitments to the Education for All and Millennium Development Goals. However, financial and technical resource constraints have been a major obstacle. This paper discusses the position of each province and provides recommendations to address the issues.

Publishing Year: 2010

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